Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Humanity Religion and Omnipotence God

What is religion? 

Why God?

How can we define religion?
Kile Jones  wrote in his essay on defining religion 
"It is apparent that religion can be seen as a theological, philosophical, anthropological, sociological, and psychological phenomenon of human kind. To limit religion to only one of these categories is to miss its multifaceted nature and lose out on the complete definition."

Who is God?
My mission is to help people to make them understand why we seek God. The search is inherent in the human being. Even an atheist in his belief of not visualizing God has a different definition formed in  his or her mind.

God is the ultimate Being in existence, perfect in power, love, and character. Since God wanted to share His love with others, He created the angels and human beings—spiritual creatures who can related to Him. Because God is love, He wants us to love Him and love other people (Matthew 22:37-40). God came to earth in human form as Jesus of Nazareth to teach us about Himself and to provide the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, so that those who believe can have fellowship with Him. The Bible encourages all people to turn from their selfishness to become lovers of God, to fulfill God's perfect law of love.

As per above definition  God can be the person who makes the religion possible. His existence, His perfect power, His perfect love, and His perfect Character makes the religion and people seek all what he is. If a person is Holy God is with him. He can experience God in his daily life. He speaks to him.God acts in Him. God becomes integrated in his life. In all his life God will live with him. He will always listen to God and serves Him.

All what Jones trying to define is aspect of God which is passed to human nature when man was 
created in His own likeness as per Genesis 2: 26.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

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